Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education

The BSEd program aims to produce competent and effective teachers in the secondary level. The program also integrates theory and practice in order to provide the students not only with the necessary pedagogical skills but also with adequate and updated knowledge in their field of specialization. Students under this program are trained to develop the right attitude towards teaching. The program also provides students with the knowledge and basic skills necessary to conduct research work.

The field of specialization in the BS Ed curriculum are: English, Filipino, Biological Science, Mathematics, Music, Arts Physical Education & Health (MAPEH), and Social Studies.

Program Educational Objectives

The College of Teacher Education aims to equip the students with skills and competencies to:

    1. meet the needs of professional teachers for elementary and secondary schools ;
    2. prepare elementary teachers who are either generalists who can teach across the different learning areas in grade school or as special education experts or pre-school facilitators;
    3. prepare secondary school teachers who are experts in their respective fields of specialization such as: English, Filipino, Mathematics, Biological Science, Social Studies and Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH);
    4. recognize and value the nature, needs and problems of the environs from which to draw subject matter and thereby make teaching and learning relevant;
    5. possess the knowledge and basic skills necessary to conduct research work; and
    6. apply the knowledge of and interest in the principles, science and skill for the improvement of life.